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equations of a falling body

Choreographer: Laura Boynes

Performers: Timothy Green, James O’Hara and Ella-Rose Trew

Composition: Felicity Groom

Sound Design : Tristen Parr

Dramaturgy: Adelina Larsson & Anthony Coxeter

Equations of a Falling Body is a 60 minute live performance experience, exploring human relationships to current political, environmental and social events on a macro and micro scale.  At times pedestrian in nature and other times highly physical the performers are fed live instructions through headphones from the live director. These instructions direct, order, manipulate, confuse and guide the performers on which content to perform, where, when and how.

Equations of a Falling Body is perpetually evolving, no moment is the same and each show is completely unique. The work is diverse and immediate with the performers not knowing how the work will begin or end.

Supported by STRUT Dance SEED Residency in 2020 and CO:Lab development CO:3 Australia 2019

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