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marry tree girl

Puppeteer: Sky River

Dramaturges: Anthony Coxeter & Adelina Larsson

Associate Artists: Danny Jennings & Kathi Meister

Driven by SW WA-based puppeteer Sky River, the Marri Tree-girl project is a creative collaboration exploring ecology and art as a way to raise awareness of local environmental issues. STAGE ONE saw three Margaret River artists, Sky River, Danny Jennings and Kathi Meister, engage in a creative development period. Their response to research on tree based folklore and scientific research on the Marri Canker, a fungal disease affecting the South West Marri tree. By using puppetry, story, paper cut and digital media. Weaving symbolic imagery, story and animation, the project aims to heighten awareness of the impacts and outcomes for the Marri while reinforcing the interconnectivity of all life. Performance and touring outcomes are planned for 2023.

Supported by Regional Arts WA. 

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