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in the rite trilogy
- in the rite: for sixteen performers (2016)
- in the rite II: solo (2019) - Winner of Australian Dance Award
- in the rite III: reprise (2020)

Choreography: Adelina Larsson

Dramaturgy: Anthony Coxeter

In the Rite I: for 16 performers - Commissioned by Western Australian Academy for Performing Arts and premiered at the Geoff Gibbs Theatre at WAAPA in November 2016, In the Rite I: for 16 performers was developed through a process of choreographic and dramaturgical investigation grounded in the agency of the performers. It formed the basis of a unique pedagogical approach to dance education based on the combined practice of Anthony Coxeter and Larsson Mendoza in inviting the students into the dramaturgical process in the creation of the work.


2019 Wonder Woman/ To Be Honest/In the Rite II: Performed at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia in August 2019, “Wonder Woman” was a program of two works commissioned and performed by Boynes: To Be Honest: a girl’s own collection of unconfirmed tales by Julie-Anne Long, and Rite II: Solo by Adelina Larsson Mendoza. Anthony Coxeter was engaged as dramaturge for both Long and Larsson Mendoza individually on the pieces, and with Boynes in bringing the program together as a whole. It went on to be nominated for a PAWGIE and to win an Australian Dance Award in 2019 for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance, described as “a work that draws attention to the potent presence of a solo female dancer whose less visible strengths and powers are celebrated in a staging of the ‘severalness’ of femininity.” Long’s work was later excerpted at DanceMassive for their international delegates. It featured a polyphonic vocal score by Shoeb Ahmed, and lighting design by Chris Donelly. Four prominent reviews of WW were published by Nina Levy, Graeme Watson, Laura Money and Kaelen Ruland.

2020 In the Rite III - The third and final movement work for ten performers in a triptych developed with Adelina Larsson investigating feminine experience through conceptions of resilience, inconvenient space and agency. It premiered at the Geoff Gibbs Theatre Edith Cowan University over 24-26 November, 2020. Choreographed by Adelina Larsson Mendoza, Anthony Coxeter served as a dramaturge in collaboration with second-year WAAPA dance students. Composed by Peter McAvan Set & Costume Design by Adelina Larsson Mendoza and Charlotte Meagher Lighting Design by Claire Lansom Sound Design by Dale Kerrison Costume Supervisor: Penny Mazzucchelli. 

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